About the Rotary Club of Crookwell

The Rotary Club of Crookwell’s 1st inaugural meeting was held on the 4th March 1954.

The Rotary Club of Crookwell currently consists of 18 Members and 4 Honorary Members with a wide cross section of vocations. Some members are still active in their professions; other members are retired and still contribute significantly to their professions and the community through Rotary. Both men and women are eligible to become members of the Rotary Club of Crookwell.

The aim of Rotary is to represent service in the community; the Rotary motto is ‘Service above Self’, so it’s no surprise that all Rotarians have a genuine desire to try and help those who are disadvantaged and, equally important, to make a major contribution to the development of our future youth leaders.  The Four Areas of Service of Rotary are;

Club Service

The privileges and responsibility of Rotary include;

– Developing friendship with leaders

– Giving service to the community

– Attending Rotary meetings in town or location

– Developing International Goodwill and Understanding

– Helping to build higher ethical standards within vocations though the common bond of Rotary.

– Club Fellowship

Vocational Service

Vocational Service is an important part of the Rotary organisation. Without vocation we could not become a member of a Rotary Club. Rotary recognises the efforts of Vocational service by members of the community with;

– Crookwell Rotary Vocational Service Award

– Rotary awards to school students

– Promotion of vocational orientated projects

– Assisting the younger generation in preparation of meeting the challenges arising from the increased level of competition of the professions and business world.

Community Service

Community service has the responsibility to initiate and develop projects for the betterment of the community when and where they arise and as decided by the club members;

– Rotary Community Service Award

– Encouragement of youth

– Supporting and encouraging community service groups

– Assisting in the care of the aged, sick and disadvantaged in the community

International Service

Rotary worldwide initiates and complete service projects, currently in the order of $350 million annually

– The Rotary Foundation Projects

– Health, Hunger and Humanity Projects