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Crookwell Rotary Club lends a hand
Kayley Dickinson Tumbarumba Times
June 4, 2020

Kim Callahan, Bruce Wright, Les Hewett and Henry Thomson.
A truck and trailer load of iron sheets have been donated to people in the Tumbarumba region whose properties were affected by last summer’s bushfires.

Les Hewett, from the Rotary Club of Crookwell, along with his two friends Henry Thomson and Kim Callahan, delivered a truck and trailer load of hail damaged iron sheets to Tumbarumba last week.The idea initially came from Mr Thomson, a past Rotarian, who decided to gather up the iron from a big hailstorm that wreaked havoc in the ACT a few months ago.
Mr Thomson noticed that a lot of the iron was hardly damaged and would be very helpful for farmers who have lost buildings, among other things, in the fires.
As a result, he talked to Mr Hewett who arranged for the Rotary Club to organise the donation.
Between them all, they gathered it up and brought it over to Tumbarumba for the local Rotary Club to donate to those who need it most.
Hammonds Hardware have loaned the use of their forklift allowing the sheets to be unloaded.
The first load has almost all been donated, with the final lot to be delivered today (Wednesday). The Tumbarumba Rotary Club understands there will be more donations of iron sheets delivered in the next few weeks.
Sheets of hail damaged iron was delivered to bushfire affected farmers last week.
Tumbarumba Rotarian Bruce Wright said one of the great things about being involved with Rotary is that you build contacts all over the country.
“A heck of a lot of them (Rotarians) are working or have worked in some profession and can organise assistance to people all over the world,” Bruce said.
“This is one of those instances where a building business from Crookwell – working in Canberra replacing hail damaged buildings – sees all of the waste as the roofing iron is sent to scrap metal.
“He knows farmers can always use a bit of iron to repair a shed or make a chook yard or whatever, and burnt out farmers would use it even more, hence the Crookwell club contacting the Tumba club.”
Bruce said the sheets have been hugely welcomed by those who have received them
“From what I’ve seen so far the farmers are extremely grateful to get some iron to repair some of those small structures not fully insured or they need to get back to being fully productive,” he said.
“Many thanks for this generous donation from members of Crookwell Rotary. If you would like some of this iron to help rebuild sheds or to use in your fire recovery, please don’t hesitate to contact me so you can arrange a time to collect it.
“For those who need warm clothes, bedding, blankets and winter gear, myself and my wife Colleen have lots of donated items available in our church.”
For more information, contact Bruce on 0407020176.